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16-Sep-2009: As many know, at this time Motogs has not been updated in awhile and is missing some available armors and weapons. Many attempts to update have failed, and another attempt at update is forthcoming. Those that depend on this site, it will not be taken down (no fear!). For those in need of current armor information and/or would like to use an order parser - or just another site to assist with their crafting - there is a new searchable Crafting Database and Order Parser.

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Midgard Armoring and Tailoring Midgard Tailoring and Armorcrafting Alchemy Calculator Alchemy Calculator (all realms)
Midgard Weaponsmithing and Fletching Midgard Weaponcrafting and Fletching Keep Door Repair Door Repair Calculator (all realms)
Albion Armoring and Tailoring Albion Armorcrafting and Tailoring Salvage Calculator Salvage Calculator (all realms)
Albion Weaponsmithing and Fletching Albion Weaponcrafting and Fletching Siege Calculator Siege Calculator (all realms)
Hibernia Armoring and Tailoring Hibernia Armorcrafting and Tailoring Barding Calculator Barding Calculator (all realms)
Hibernia Weaponsmithing and Fletching Hibernia Weaponcrafting and Fletching
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Une Traduction Franšaise du calculateur est disponible, elle a ÚtÚ faite par Annorexia

Change Log:

  • (2009-09-18) Started development of new XML storage for Motogs with updated and corrected information
  • (2007-01-21) Updated Hibernia Armor Calculator with Bespelled/Embroidered/Ornamented/Decorated armor recipes
  • (2007-01-10) Updated Albion Armor Calculator with Sigil armor recipes
  • (2007-01-10) Updated Midgard Armor Calculator with Sigil armor recipes
  • (2006-07-18) Updated Alchemy xml file to reflect recipe flattening in patch 1.84
  • (2006-04-14) Tweaked the look of listboxes
  • (2006-04-14) Added Alchemy Calculator
  • (2006-04-14) Added a feedback form
  • (2005-10-10) Added Barding Calculator
  • (2005-06-28) Updated Albion and Hibernia Armor Calculator with Catacombs Inconnu and Shar lvl 51 armor recipes
  • (2005-06-27) Updated Midgard Armor Calculator with Catacombs Kobold lvl 51 armor recipes
  • (2005-01-31) Added Legendary Weapon pictures to Hibernia and Midgard Weapon Calculators (Albion soon to come)
  • (2005-01-31) Corrected bronze pricing (it has been wrong since they stopped selling in stacks of 20!)
  • (2005-01-31) Fixed a couple of recipe bugs in Hibernian shields
  • (2005-01-31) Added a "quantity" field to Weapon Calculators
  • (2005-01-31) Added an "Include retries in material list" check box to Weapon Calculators
  • (2004-11-08) Added "Motog's Trinketing Guide" Article"
  • (2004-11-08) Added "Motog's Tailoring Guide" Article"
  • (2004-11-07) Improved tailoring inserts text to include material tier
  • (2004-11-07) Added an "Include retries in material list" check box
  • (2004-11-07) Added a "quantity" field to Armor/Tailoring calculators
  • (2004-11-03) Filled in missing info on Hibernia Fletching
  • (2004-10-20) Updated Door Repair Calculator to reflect New Frontiers changes
  • (2004-08-01) Added Enchantment Costs to Weapon Calculators
  • (2004-07-30) Added Enchantment Costs to Armor Calculators
  • (2004-07-15) Added Siege Calculator
  • (2004-06-27) Added Salvage Calculator
  • (2004-05-29) Added Legendary Weapons to Albion Weapon Calculator
  • (2004-05-07) Expanded info on Albion and Hibernia Armor calc to show more pricing info
  • (2004-03-07) Completed a couple of hib sellback values, added lots of Albion weapon pics
  • (2004-02-16) Expanded info on Midgard Armor calc to show more pricing info
  • (2004-02-15) Hibernia Mooncrested, Fort., and Exc. Scythe resell value fixed
  • (2004-02-15) Midgard Fort. Battle Axe and Exc. Battle Axe resell value fixed
  • (2004-02-08) Midgard spear damage types fixed
  • (2004-02-08) Hibernian Spiked Club recipe fixed
  • (2004-01-20) Several small errors corrected (and one sell-back value corrected)
  • (2003-12-14) Albion plate boots recipe has been corrected, and cloth type and amount required now displays for all plate.
  • (2003-12-13) Hibernia cloth robes are now selectable (yay!), and levels on cloth armor is now correct (all 3 realms).
  • (2003-12-13) Fixed Midgard cloth recipes (cloth, thread and leather amounts were all mixed up)
  • (2003-12-13) Fixed bug with all "round to nearest gold" functions when no order exists
  • (2003-12-12) New design with new features! :) New features include:
    • Armor calculators have entry fields for retries for each armor piece
    • Order List stores multiple weapons/armor for easy Pricing and better customer service
    • Awkward radio buttons replaced with streamlined selection box for choosing material type and tier
    • More information on armor; resistances, crafting skill
  • (2003-11-11) Added thumbnail images, weapon skill, damage type, and Hand info to Hibernia Weapon/Fletching calculator
  • (2003-11-11) Added sell-back value and retry entry to Hibernia Weapon/Fletching calculator
  • (2003-10-23) Fixed speeds of albion thrust weapons, level of sabre, and thumbnail of rein. tower shield
  • (2003-10-15) Added thumbnail images, weapon skill, damage type, and Hand info to Albion Weapon/Fletching calculator
  • (2003-10-15) Added Auto-calculate and "round to nearest gold" switch to Albion and Hibernia calculators
  • (2003-10-07) Added thumbnail images and "round to nearest gold" switch to Midgard Weapon calculator
  • (2003-10-06) Added Auto-calculate and "round to nearest gold" switch to Midgard Armor calculator
  • (2003-10-06) Added weapon skill, damage type, and Hand info to Midgard Weapon/Fletching calculator
  • (2003-10-06) Added Auto-calculate to Midgard Weapon/Fletching calculator
  • (2003-10-06) Midgard Great Spear DPS corrected to 16.2 at tier 10
  • (2003-09-08) Midgard Weapon/Fletching calculator has a new more organized selection box!
  • (2003-09-07) Midgard Svarkedja Helm recipe corrected (now 17 metal)
  • (2003-09-07) Albion Heavy Short Bow sell-back value corrected
  • (2003-08-13) Hibernia Exceptional Rapier and Weighted Longsword speeds changed to 3.9, 4.2
  • (2003-08-12) (Patch 1.64) Midgard Fletched weapon recipes and sellback values added
  • (2003-08-12) Midgard Thick Padded Sleeves recipe fixed
  • (2003-08-12) Hibernian Angled Dagger recipe fixed
  • (2003-08-12) (Patch 1.64) Albion fletching recipes added
  • (2003-07-29) (Patch 1.64) Albion weapon recipes and sellback values added
  • (2003-07-28) (Patch 1.64) Hibernian weapon recipes added
  • (2003-07-10) (Patch 1.63) Albion Fluted Plate and Full Plate recipes updated
  • (2003-06-30) (Patch 1.63) Albion Plate and Scaled Plate recipes updated
  • (2003-06-30) (Patch 1.63) Removed strap listing from Albion armor calc
  • (2003-05-29) Albion Heavy Shod Quarterstaff sellback value was updated (did not have)
  • (2003-05-29) Seamist heavy/thick/double-stitched cloth AF was corrected from AF37 to AF36
  • (2003-05-16) Albion Great Scimitar recipe corrected (was 1 leather, is now 2)
  • (2003-05-15) Albion regal quilted robe sellback and salvage values corrected
  • (2003-05-15) Albion Hammer, Kite shield, and Tower shield recipes corrected
  • (2003-05-15) Albion double-stitched cloth and Hibernia Thick Woven cloth tier 10 Armor Factors corrected (to AF51)

Mythic enjoys changing recipes on a regular basis. These changes are usually not included in any patch notes. If you discover an error, please feel free to notify me. I will verify the error, and make the necessary corrections.

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