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MCC Title
Midgard Armoring and Tailoring Midgard Weaponsmithing and Fletching Hibernia Armoring and Tailoring Hibernia Weaponsmithing and Fletching Albion Armoring and Tailoring Albion Weaponsmithing and Fletching
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Motog's Pic! Albion Weaponsmithing and Fletching

Type Required
Metal Bars
Include retries in Material List


*Material list includes materials for this item

Damage Type
Level Range
Crafting Skill

Weapon Thumbnail
Legendary Weapon pictures courtesy of Flashes of Gaheris, and friends of Flashes. Thank You Flashes!

Material Cost
Sell-back Value
weapon enchant costs
Loss on Sell-back

Info on Enchantment

Enter Mark-Up:
Enter number of Retries:
Enter Retry Mark-Up:
Enter quantity:
Total Price:

Round to nearest Gold


Order List

Weapon                                 Mark-up   Retries     Retry Mark-up    Price             

Order Total:

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